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Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organization meet your business challenges. It’s the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your favorite tools and frameworks.

Infrastructure Management is one of the fastest growing need in the IT World.

Cloud infrastructure refers to a virtual infrastructure, which is delivered through internet or a network. Virtualization has made easy migration of every business to cloud server and enjoy agility with the right tools.

Generally, Cloud Management refers to on-demand services provided via IaaS model, which is known to be as Infrastructure as a Service. IaaS is a basic delivery model of cloud computing that enables access o shared pools of configurable resources. All configurable resources include computer, servers, networks, storage, applications & services.

Cloud refers to sharing and storing data. All the information, resources and networks is shared via network / internet, and stored on physical servers. These physical servers are maintained and controlled by cloud computing provider.

Every business individual wants to enhance their IT Infrastructure using proper cloud infrastructure management. The most efficient way to manage your storage hardware and virtual infrastructure as data volumes grow is cloud infrastructure management.

With the help of Cloud Management Services, business owners can have a keen focus on their organization goals. Cloud Management Services is the right answer, for delivering quality service on your cloud infrastructure. One can simplify cloud management services, maximize operational efficiency and increase IT and business agility. Cloud Management enables you to efficiently manage, automate and govern your clouds from a single console.

So, get your cloud servers managed and enhance the growth of your companies IT infrastructure with Cloud Server Management Services.

Don’t allow your cloud migration projects to fail to meet your objectives. Start with careful planning and identification of workloads that are candidates for migration, then examine the downstream application and infrastructure dependencies of these workloads. Finally, model out the migration, calculate TCO, and then begin. 

We offer a Cloud Migration Assessment that simplifies the process of migrating assets from your data center to the public cloud. It enables you to efficiently assess and model workloads for migration, then manage and optimize your infrastructure for cost, usage, performance, and security. Thus, you can plan the workload migration with complete confidence.

ITG collects and analyzes infrastructure performance, usage, and configuration. Interactive reports organize the data by business level grouping, or Perspective, and analyze trends and patterns to identify under- or over-utilized resources. ITG Asset reports track inventory across servers, file systems and network interfaces.

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