40375: HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals

Instructor-led training Monday to Friday 

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Candidates  for  this  exam  are  seeking  to  prove  core  HTML5  client  application  development  skills  that  will   run  on  today’s  touch-­‐enabled  devices  (PCs,  tablets,  and  phones).    Although  HTML  is  often  thought  of  as   a web  technology  that  is  rendered  in  a  browser  to  produce  a  UI,  this  exam  focuses  on  using  HTML5,   CSS3, and  JavaScript  to  develop  client  applications.  Before  taking  this  exam,  candidates  should  have   solid foundational  knowledge  of  the  topics  outlined  in  the  preparation  guide,  including  CSS  and   JavaScript.    It  is recommended  that  candidates  be  familiar  with  the  concepts  of  and  have  some  hands-­‐on   experience  with the related  technologies  either  by  taking  relevant  training  courses  or  by  working  with   tutorials  and  samples available  on  MSDN  and  in  Microsoft  Visual  Studio.
Objective  Domain
Manage  the Application  Life  Cycle
Build  the  User  Interface  by  Using  HTML5
Format  the  User  Interface  by  Using  CSS
Code by Using JavaScript
Total Hours: 24 hours


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