C)IHE Certified Incident Handling Engineer

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The Certified Incident Handling Engineer course is designed to help incident handlers, system administrators, and general security engineers under-stand how to plan, create, and utilize their systems in order to prevent, detect, and respond to security breaches. Every business connected to the internet is getting probed by hackers trying to gain access. The ideal situation I to prevent this from happening, but realistically every business needs to know how to detect and resolve security breaches. Certified Incident Handlers are prepared to do handle these situations effectively.

Students will learn common attack techniques, vectors, and tools used by hackers, so that they can effectively prevent, detect, and respond against them. This course is ideal for those who lead incident handling teams or are part of an incident handling team.

Furthermore, students will enjoy numerous hands-on laboratory exercises that focus on topics, such as reconnaissance, vulnerability assessments using Nessus, network sniffing, web application manipulation, malware and using Netcat plus several additional scenarios for both Windows and Linux systems. The 20 hours of experience in our labs is what will put you ahead of the competition and set you apart as a leader in incident handling.


1: Introduction
2: Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Exploits
3: Identification and Initial Response
5: Preliminary Response
6: Identification and Initial Response
7: Sysinternals
8: Containment
9: Eradication
10: Follow-Up
11: Recovery
12: Virtual Machine Security
13: Malware Incident Response