C)PEH Certified Professional Ethical Hacker

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The Certified Professional Ethical Hacker course is the introductory training to mile2’s line of penetration testing courses and certifications. The course training helps students gain a valuable skillset in penetration testing by understand the importance of vulnerability assessments and ethical hacking through:

  1. Learning the knowledge and skills behind a vulnerability assessment.
  2. Preparation to apply this knowledge and exercise these skills in the interest of others.
  3. Understand the importance of a Vulnerability Assessment and how it can help you prevent serious break-ins to your organization.

This is accomplished by:

  • Performing in-depth labs with industry standard tools.
  • Learning the penetration testing methodology through conceptual theories and real-world practices.
  • Equipping you with the knowledge about what hackers look for when trying to hack into your network.
  • Assessing for the cause of testing your company’s security posture to help better secure the infrastructure against intrusion.

1: Security Fundamentals
2: Access Controls
3: Protocols
4: Cryptography
5: Why Vulnerability Assessments
6: Vulnerability Tools of the Trade
7: Output Analysis and Reports
8: Reconnaissance, Enumeration
9: Gaining Access
10: Maintaining Access
11: Covering Tracks
12: Malware
13: Buffer Overflows
14: Password Cracking