C)SS Certified Security Sentinel

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The Certified Security Sentinel course is intended for anyone that uses a computer on the internet. Attendees will fully understand the security threats that attack daily and countermeasures associated with these attacks. The weakest link in any company’s security program is a poorly trained employee. Don’t let this be you. Once a student understands what can happen, they will know what to look for. And with that understanding, be able to keep the information they have been entrusted with as safe as possible.

The social engineering portion of the class is designed to teach the participants the skills used by social engineers to facilitate the extraction of information from an organization using technical and non-technical methods. Computer fraud, black-hat hacking, and cyber-terrorism are all phrases that describe crimes that use over-the-wire technology to attack, steal, and terrorize their victims. The key to most of these over-the-wire attacks being successful is information they receive through social engineering. Does it work? Can smart people be easily deceived? Kevin Mit-nick, who served five years in prison for repeated hacking said in testimony before Congress on the subject of Social Engineering: “I was so successful with that at-tack that I rarely had to resort to a technical attack.”  If you’re afraid of having your identity, credit card credentials, or business information compromised, then this isthe training you have been looking for.

The Certified Security Sentinel course trains students on how attacks are performed, how to identify an attack, and how to secure information. One of the most valuable skill sets of a C)SS is that they understand how to train others on security as well.

1: Basic Computer Security
2: User Awareness
3: Implementation Countermeasures
4: Essential Security Awareness
5: Using the Internet at Work
6: Accessing the Network Locally
7: Accessing the Network Remotely
8: Social Engineering
9: Understanding and Interacting with our Target
10: Researching Our Target
11: Methods of Deception