Who We Are

We are Interactive Technology Group (ITG),
a Microsoft and AWS business partner with over ten years of positive experience providing professional development services. Our team comprises a group of educators and IT professionals who have come together to form a minority-owned, Puerto Rican small business. We specialize in creating, adapting, and delivering technical training programs related to emerging and established technologies for clients in the private, education, and government sectors. Our aim is to improve the learning process by integrating technology and empowering learners, educators, and academic institutions to enhance technological literacy and shape the future workforce.

Our Vision

We envision a future where technology is seamlessly integrated into education, enabling learners to become reflective, creative, and adept problem solvers. We believe that by leveraging information and communication technologies (ICT), educators can guide their students to become collaborators and prepare them for success in the modern workforce. We strive to foster the development of new educator roles, innovative pedagogies, and novel approaches to education, ensuring the successful integration of ICT into the classroom. Our ultimate goal is to equip learners with the necessary skills to use technology for social development and improve economic productivity.
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide comprehensive and adaptable training services that meet the diverse needs of our clients. As culturally competent professionals and equal opportunity employers, we are committed to creating inclusive learning experiences where all learners feel welcome and safe to be themselves. Through our training programs, we aim to offer open learning spaces that promote collaboration, problem-solving, and creativity using ICT. By offering both synchronous and asynchronous instructor-led distance learning options, we provide flexibility while maintaining the option for face-to-face learning through partnerships with trusted education partners. With a track record of serving thousands of learners and achieving high retention rates, we strive to deliver excellence and professionalism in meeting the educational needs of individuals and organizations. We continuously seek to improve and adapt our training offerings to stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving information technology landscape.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to become the first alternative in IT training and development services that meet the needs of learners and customers through the development of technical occupational skills and the creation of online tools geared towards helping them overcome the barriers that make it difficult to achieve both professional and company goals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the professionalism, commitment, and enthusiasm necessary to assist learners and customers in the process of developing and improving their technical proficiency through the adoption of innovative training and development services that positively affect the achievement of efficiency and self-sufficiency.







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Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you. Please fill out this form.